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Blog7 Oral Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Smile!

June 6, 2020
  1. Electric toothbrushes DO work! They help to stimulate the gums and give you a more effective cleaning. For example: With Sonicare toothbrushes the brush head vibrates at hundreds of times per second, with the latest models at 31,000 strokes per minute or 62,000 movements per minute (517 Hz).
  2. Brushing alone only cleans 70% of your teeth. This is why we recommend flossing! Flossing not only helps to keep between your teeth healthy, flossing also helps to keep your gums healthy! Flossing every day (or even every other day) is one of the best habits you can have! 
  3. You should brush for a full two minutes twice a day. Most electric toothbrushes have timers on them that alert you every 30 seconds and also at the 2 minute mark. 
  4. You don’t need to “scrub” your teeth with your toothbrush – brushing too aggressively can hurt your gums and cause them to permanently recede over time which then can cause tooth sensitivity. Always brush gently with an electric toothbrush OR a soft bristled manual toothbrush. Some electric toothbrushes even have pressure sensors and it lets you know when you are brushing too hard. 
  5. Whether you have some gum recession or if your teeth are naturally sensitive, sensitivity toothpaste actually works! Ask your dentists and dental hygienists what toothpaste they think would work best for you! 
  6. Do you know that you are supposed to brush your tongue?  For a fact, your tongue has much more bacteria than your teeth do. These bacteria are easily able to transfer itself to your teeth and cause damage as well as creating bad breath. 
  7. The health of your mouth relates to your overall health. Research has shown that gum disease increases a person’s risk of heart disease by about 20 percent. These bacteria can also cause other problems in the body. 

The moral of the story? Let’s keep your mouth as healthy as possible! As your dental home and your dental team, we are always here to help you and answer any questions you may have. Afterall, a healthy mouth helps to lead a healthy life!

We are looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment here with us. ???? By Lyndsey Schramm, RDH








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