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What You Can Do About Missing Teeth

Think of missing teeth as cracks in your smile’s pavement. While patching them might seem optional, letting them grow can create bigger problems. Act now to prevent the cracks from widening and enjoy a smooth, confident smile for years to come. Dr. Gatta and his excellent team are here to get all your questions answered...

Elevate Your Dental Health and Quality of Life

It is well known that your oral health is connected to your overall health. When it comes to preserving and enhancing oral health, the expertise of a prosthodontist becomes invaluable. Prosthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry focused on the restoration and replacement of teeth, making prosthodontists the go-to professionals for comprehensive dental care. The...

Jaw problems and headaches

Our teeth play more of a critical role in our well-being than we may know. Our teeth help us function by speaking and chewing, and they also help with our confidence and self-esteem when we smile. But there are other benefits our teeth provide that most of us remain blissfully unaware of until there is...

Is Teeth Bleaching for You? Experts Share What You Should Know

TBH, far more than anything else, I’m most self-conscious about my teeth. Of course, I strive for self-love and compassion every day. But I won’t lie—it can be hard to not pick apart my smile in the mirror or criticize every photo. Ugh. And while my identified “issues” lie more in shape and alignment, as a coffee-loving gal, teeth bleaching as...

By Derek Gatta DMD MS FACP Dental implants are a game changer for tooth replacement therapy.  Previously, patients did not have great options for replacing missing teeth.  Patients usually received a dental bridge or removable teeth they had to take out at night.  Dental implants are titanium posts and are very biocompatible. A dental surgeon places dental implants...

Electric toothbrushes DO work! They help to stimulate the gums and give you a more effective cleaning. For example: With Sonicare toothbrushes the brush head vibrates at hundreds of times per second, with the latest models at 31,000 strokes per minute or 62,000 movements per minute (517 Hz). Brushing alone only cleans 70% of your teeth. This is why we recommend flossing! Flossing not only helps...

Health Pro Plus from IQ Air out of Switzerland We have invested in these state of the art units for every treatment room to ensure a safe environment.

04 May 2020 Dear Patients: We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our...


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