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Dr. Derek Gatta brings back innovation from the ITI World Symposium

The ITI World Symposium, a distinguished event in implant dentistry, is a platform where groundbreaking research meets practical application. Held every two years, this gathering brings together experts from academia and clinical practice. Esteemed institutions like the University of Michigan, University of Berne, and Harvard University share their latest findings while skilled clinicians demonstrate new...

People tend not to consider how vital teeth are to everyday life until they experience broken or missing teeth. Fortunately, technology today makes replacing and restoring teeth easier and quicker than ever! If anything, the options for creating a healthy, functioning, and attractive smile can get confusing, so here is a look at the benefits...

It would be nice if we all developed perfect teeth from birth, but only a minor percentage of the population is so lucky. For some, it’s unplanned events that impact there teeth, such as disease or accidents. Others may just be born with conditions that can affect natural tooth development, such as hypodontia — which...

Guide to Dental Implants: A Popular Option for Tooth Replacement

Advances in dentistry mean that today, people can have one, a few, or all of their teeth replaced without anyone ever being able to tell the difference. Missing teeth can wreak havoc on the appearance and function of your smile — other teeth can shift, chewing and speech can be affected, and other complications can...


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